Carbohydrate Labeling and Analysis Kit


SKU #: 477600

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The PA 800 plus Carbohydrate Labeling and Analysis Chemistry contains the reagents and separation capillary required to label separate and quantify oligosaccharides and monosaccharides released from glycoproteins. Following release (enzymatic or chemical) from proteins glycans are labeled with a fluorophore APTS at the reducing terminus by reductive amination. The stoichiometry of labeling is such that only one APTS molecule is attached to each molecule of oligosaccharide. These highly charged and fluorescent oligosaccharides are easily resolved in an electric field and detected using laser-induced fluorescence.


- Carbohydrate Separation Buffer 56 mL (Part Number 477623)
- N-CHO Coated Capillary qty 2 (Part Number 477601)
- Labeling Reagents qty 1 (Labeling Dye (APTS) 4 x 5 mg (Part Number 501309) Labeling Dye Solvent 1 mL Glucose Ladder Standard 50 mg Quantitation/Mobility Marker (Maltose) 0.18 mg)
- APTS-M (APTS extra purified for monosaccharide labeling) 20 mg (Part Number 725898)
- Carbohydrate Labeling and Analysis Guide qty 1
- Kit Insert