Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis Kit


SKU #: B94499PTO

Based on award winning magnetic-bead technology, the SCIEX Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis kit does not require ultra-centrifugation or advanced pipetting techniques. This makes the assay suitable for manual pipetting as well as automation. The short incubation times, combined with magnetic-bead based sample clean-up, allows you to complete sample prep in about an hour. Furthermore, the magnetic-bead reduces the presence of unbound dye resulting in better characterization of complex sialylated structures.


Included in the Kit:                         

  • M1 Quantity: 22ml                      
  • D1 Quantity: 0.05ml x 5 vials                   
  • D2 Quantity: 250mM/50ul dried x 5 vials                           
  • D3 Quantity: 1.5ml x 1 vial                       
  • D4 Quantity: 1.5ml x 2 vials                     
  • L5 Quantity: 5mg x 1 vial                           
  • L6 Quantity: 5mg x 5 vials                         
  • GU ladder  Quantity: 5mg x 1 vial                          
  • IST (Internal Standard) Quantity: 5mg x 1 vial                  
  • BST (Bracketing Standard mixture) Quantity: 10pmol x 1 vial                    
  • HR-NCHO separation gel Quantity: 56ml                            
  • Magnetic Separator  Quantity: 1 pc                      
  • A55625 Preassembled cartridge  Quantity: 1 pc              


* Sodium Cyanoborohydride and PNGase F not included.