GenomeLab DTCS Quick Start Kit


SKU #: 608120

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The GenomeLab DTCS Quick Start Kit simplifies the process of reaction set up by using a reagent master-mix --reducing the number of pipetting steps from 10 to 4 while using larger transfer volumes to reduce pipetting error. The master-mix of this dye terminator cycle sequencing (DTCS) kit incorporates reaction components including DNA polymerase dNTPs dye terminators (ddUTP ddGTP ddCTP ddATP) and reaction buffer into a convenient single tube for ease of use.

Each kit provides enough reagents to complete 100 sequencing reactions.


- DTCS Quick Start Master Mix
- pUC18 Control Template (0.25 ?????æg/???æL)
- M13 (-47) Sequencing Primer (1.6 pmol/???æL or 1.6 ???æm)
- Glycogen (20 mg/mL)
- Mineral Oil
- Sample Loading Solution
- Kit Insert